• "John has an incredible gift... teaching the art of singing."
    Mai Bloomfield
  • "John has a way of explaining vocal technique that really makes sense to me. He is patient and encouraging."
    Sara Bareilles
  • "Ive experienced a very noticeable improvement in vocal ability as a result of taking lessons with John."
    Jeremy White
  • "John Deaver rocks and he rolls! I give him all the credit for making me the singer I am today!"
    Ruby James
John Deaver, Vocal Teacher Los Angeles

The Complete Vocalist Method

The Complete Vocalist method is a combination of techniques that I developed over the years to free the voice to sing in any style. My method will help you achieve more range, a better tone, more power and more control. It's about what I call "relaxed energy" which means that in order to sing freely you must put your energy in the right place, because energy in the wrong place will cause a constricted type of sound in the voice. Our goal is to create balance in the voice. Everyone's balance is slightly different which is why it's important to work with a qualified vocal coach. My years of experience in vocal instruction, allow me to quickly ascertain the particular strength and weaknesses of a voice. When working with a singer, I focus on the sounds they are creating to determine what's necessary for them to obtain balance in their voice. Every voice is unique!

The Complete Vocalist method also works to bring in the mental energy to support the physical energy. We learn to relax the throat while we're singing. The relaxation of the throat is a key ingredient in becoming a "complete vocalist" because throat tension is extremely limiting, especially in the higher vocal ranges. As we work to eliminate register break - the transition between the chest voice and the head voice, a singers vocal range and control increases dramatically. We begin to develop and strengthen the vocal chords without pushing.  Along with developing the vocal chords, it's crucial to develop the musical ear. The Complete Vocalist method includes exercises that focus on ear training; this is an essential part of the training! The human voice can only reproduce what the ear hears, so we begin by getting the ear sharp and train it to "hear" correctly, so it can then tell the voice what to sing.

I called this method The Complete Vocalist because it's about so much more than just simply singing.  It's a rounded approach that brings in all the components necessary to develop and enhance your unique voice. Once you've established a set of good working techniques, that's really only the beginning of singing. It's then about creating a style for yourself and as you go further, the techniques becomes second nature and your singing becomes truly free!

John is now accepting a limited number of students for vocal training / voice lessons. To schedule an appointment with John, please call (818) 985-3511 or contact us here.


John at the piano
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